How to register for the Library

The catalog Registration



People entitled to receive the Library’s services:

Blind, visually impaired, people with reading disabilities (such as dyslexia), people with disabilities that make it difficult for them to read a printed book.


  1. Blind and visually impaired: submit a copy of your Certificate of Blindness or a physician’s report confirming the inability to read due to impaired vision or other limitation.
  2. Learning disabled: it is the responsibility of the learning disabled from 4th grade until the age of 18 to submit their most recent diagnosis that indicates a reading disability. Additionally they must submit a form confirming eligibility which is provided by the Educational Psychology Service (Sherut Psychologie Hinuchi) in their area of residence. 
    Learning disabled people who do not fall within the age range described above are requested to submit to the Library their most recent diagnosis.
  3. Senior citizens: Readers over the age of 75 are not required to submit confirmation from a physician.
  4. People with other disabilities that make it difficult or impossible for them to read books are asked to submit a physician’s report confirming the difficulty to the registration department.