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Access to documents for Blind and Reading Impaired People

The Central Library for Blind and Reading Impaired People is the main center that converts printed text to audio, Braille and Large Print, and has sophisticated printed equipment and professional recording studios. As part of the Accessibility to Services Regulations (Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations, 2013), entities that provide a service are required to make forms and documents accessible in a manner that is appropriate to the disability.

We offer the following related services:

Conversion of files to Braille

Conversion of documents, forms, brochures and more from WORD or ‘live PDF’ to Braille, on the Library’s Braille printers.

Conversion of files to Large Print

Conversion of documents, forms, brochures and more from WORD or ‘live PDF’ to Large Print (font: Ariel, size 33) on the Library’s printers.

Conversion of text to audio

There are two ways to convert text to audio:
  1. Narration – professional narrators record the content in the Library recording studios in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English. Example: The UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, The Ministry of Justice guide to the public. To listen click here.
  2. Speech engine – conversion of a file to speech by a speech engine. Example: The Pelican Migration, by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. To listen click here.

Tagging digital files

Conversion of Plain text, PDF, and WORD documents for use with screen-reader software.

For more information please contact Nofar by telephone +972 (0)9 8865127 or email