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Podcast Workshop

The podcast writing and presentation workshop is about to begin!

We’re pleased to announce the opening of the Library’s workshop in writing and presenting podcasts – the hottest topic of the day - equally accessible to sighted, visually impaired and reading impaired people.


About the workshop

We invite you to learn from the best in the field, Amir Asher, who also volunteers as a narrator at the Library. The workshop will comprise 10 three-hour meetings in the studio branch of the Library in Tel Aviv.


Course curriculum

  • Introduction to podcasts, including examples from Israel and the world
  • The basics of narration
  • The basics of presentation
  • Music for podcasts and introduction to copyright laws
  • Research, production and interview methodology
  • Business models for podcasts
  • Formulating content for a pilot
  • Editing content, analysis of existing podcasts and planning personal projects
  • Listening to finished pilots + feedback

Meet Amir Asher

(photo: Guy Deutsch)
Award-winning musical broadcaster and editor, graduate of Army Radio. He opened Galgalatz broadcasts and established the promotions department of Army Radio. A member of the founding team of Radius 100 FM; edits and presents The Millennium Parade, the biggest parade ever broadcast in Israel, on Radio Tel Aviv 102 and now broadcast on IDC Herzliya radio. A blogger; producer of Boi Mikan and the series of shows Katsar vekaluach – artists read short stories to an audience;  teacher of radio, narration and podcasting for over 10 years at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya; coordinator of radio and narration courses at BPM College.

Schedule, admission conditions and other important details

The workshop will take place every Thursday, beginning 3 May 2018, from 18:00 – 21:00, for 10 weeks.
The workshop will take place in the Tel Aviv Library branch, 66 Moshe Dayan Street, Tel Aviv
Cost of registration: – the subsidized cost for Library subscribers is NIS 300. The cost for the social track is NIS 1,500
Please submit your application by email. Acceptance to the course is conditional upon a prior telephone interview with Amir Asher.
Please send the following details to info@clfb.org.il : full name, ID, telephone number, previous experience (where applicable), and indicate whether you are able to read written text independently.
We’re waiting to hear from you!