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The Social Track

New! A Social Track that is open to everyone, not only to our subscribers.


Would you like to join our wonderful workshops, but you’re not a member of the Library?  Now we have space for you too!

So, how does it work?

We will allocate 20% of places in every workshop to non-subscribers. Although the cost will be higher than the subsidized rate that subscribers pay, it is nevertheless still a very reasonable price.

What do we all gain from this arrangement?

A diverse and fascinating human encounter.
The higher course fees paid by non-subscriber participants will enable us to subsidize more blind, visually impaired and reading impaired people for the workshops.
The more participants we have, the more workshops we will be able to run.
As a non-profit organization, all profits from the workshops will be used to open additional workshops.

You are not the only one who will benefit from your studies!

And now we invite you to take part in the social track of the Podcast Writing and Presentation Workshop – click here for additional information.